Japan-Belgium: 150 years of friendship, solidarity and trust

When Japan and Belgium signed their first treaty of friendship, trade and navigation in 1866, Belgium was still a young country, busily developing its international relations, and Japan was newly opening itself to the world. They viewed each other as exotic and very far away, but considered that a closer relationship would create new opportunities to the benefit of both countries.

Since then, over a period of 150 years, exchanges in the most varied fields have been intense and led to a strong and mature friendship.

“Our relations was symbolized by friendship, solidarity and trust”. – Stressed Japan Ambassador in Belgium Mr. Masafumi Ishii. – “We learnt a lot from Belgium in terms of industrialization. We have a good trade relation and nowadays there are 240 japan companies operating in Belgium and 70 Belgian company operating in Japan”.

The collaboration between Japan and Belgium in term of security was another important argument faced in the interview with our magazine “we definitely have appetite for exchange information and practice in security and terrorism. We cooperate also in Africa where the Belgium has an important role of peace keeping and stabilizing operation.”

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