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“Up With People”, in Brussels, on June 04th.

Good new for everyone, “Up with People” (“UWP”) is back in Belgium. To cebebrate his 50th. anniversary, this well known international group will be in Brussels, on June 04th., at 08 p.m., in the “Brussels Expo” Palace 10 (metro Heysel-Heizel).

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On stage, this saturday, for a two hours dancing, singing and musical show, they will be 100 young people (17 till 29 years old), coming from 19 countries: Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The Philippines and U.S.A., without to forget 15 Belgian citizens coming from North and South of the country.

Being on the road since January 15th., in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, South Dakota, Kensas, Texas, Mexico, Bermuda, Sweden and Denmark, they are finishing their 2016’s schedule in our European Capital City, giving their show, “The Journey”, with the presence of Mr. Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the E.U. Council and former Belgian First Minister, this anniversary celebration being organized with the patronage of her Majesty Queen Mathilde from Belgium.

From Town to Town (c) "Up With People"

From Town to Town (c) “Up With People”

But besides being known for their performance on stage, “UWP” is also one educational program. So, during their week-long stay in Brussels (and Leuven, where they arrived on May 30th., being welcomed by local host families), the cast members worked this last days on a project towards integration, in Brussels Schools with the support of the “ENGIE Foundation”.

Everywhere they travel, the “UWP” cast members may, also, follow some university cursus, receiving, at the end of the academic year, some college credits in performing arts, social and political science, public relations, business management, education, … By this way, the “UWP” organization establish a unique format for communication and interaction between people of different cultures, nationalities, ages and point of view. So, it aims to help the young people who paricipate in the program to discover their potential, so that they can make their most constructive contribution to our human society.

"The Journey" (c) "Agenda Brussels"

“The Journey” (c) “Agenda Brussels”

… But coming back to Brussels, two months and half after what happened at the airport and in a metro station, it is so important for al of us, to welcome these dynamic and smiling young people, having nothing else to give us that one real message of peace between people from all religions and ethnic backgrounds.

Since 1965, the “UWP” cast members are singing  the “UWP” song, wich gived the name to their international group. Just read the lyrics of Paul and Ralph Colwell, before to listen to them in their performance, on June 04th.:
“Well, it happened just this morning
I was walking down the street
The milkman and the postman
And policeman I did meet

There in every window
And every single door
I recognized people
I never noticed before

Up, up with people
You meet ’em wherever you go
Up, up with people
They’re the best kind of folks to know

If more people were for people
All people, everywhere
There’d be a lot less people to worry about
And a lot more people who care.

There’d be a lot less people to worry about
And a lot more people who care.


People from the Southland

And people from the North,
Like a mighty army,
I saw them coming forth.

It was a great reunion,
Befitting for a king,
That’s when I recognized people
Are more important than things.


Inside everybody
There’s some bad, and there’s some good
But don’t let anybody
Start attacking peoplehood

Love them as they are
But fight for them to be
Great men & great women
As God meant them to be


Up, up with people”

The Colwell Brothers in '65 (c) historysdumpster

The Colwell Brothers in ’65 (c) Historysdumpster

With this song of peace and many others, their first visit in Belgium was in 1968, when an international cast of over 150 students performed for King Boudewijn and Queen Fabiola. Also, in its fifty years of existence “UWP” has had the opportunity to perform in the “White House”, for the Leper Colony of Hawaï, in the “Carnegie Hall” of New-York, in hundreds of correctional institutions and jails, in the “Albert Hall” of London, during the intermissions of some american “Super Bowl” finals, in thousand of schools, during the “500 Miles of Indianapolis”, in hundreds of American Indians comunities, in the Vatican for Popes Jean-Paul II and François,

Following the international actuality, these young people were into the Olympic Village, in Munich, after the terrorist attack, during the 1972 Olympic Games, or the numerous times when they were asked to pave the way and cross bridges of understanding with countries like Russia, China, and just last year with Cuba.

In the Vatican (c) "Observatore Romano"

In the Vatican (c) “Observatore Romano”

At the time of the political troubles in Ireland, the “Belfast Telegram” wrote: “An unbelievable sensation and unforgettable experience. It’s brought a breath of fresh air to Belfast wich has long been overdue, and the music and songs eased the pent-up tensions of everyone there. The smiling faces and undauntable energy gave the audience a long-needed boost in moral”. 

Also, from “El Informator”,  in Guadalajara, Mexico: ” ‘UWP’ has a contagious beat that captures the audience immediately and hols them spellbound until the last second”. From “The York Times”: “People, not nations, or ideology are what matter. That’s an idea that is worth celebrating, and ‘UWP’ does it with charm, love and uncomplicated joy”. From the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, in Zurich: “This show, visually and musically, is one of the most overwhelming to be experienced lately. The quality of the ‘UWP’ cast members is doubtlessly due to their flawless discipline. The lyrics are the reflections of a sane world”.

"The Journey" (c) "Frontview Magazine"

“The Journey” (c) “Frontview Magazine”

With “UWP” let us sing: “None of us is born the same / We don’t know why; it’s the way we came / Ev’ry heart beats a little diff’rently / Each soul is free to find its way / Like a river that winds its way to the sea / For life is a journey / and there are many roads beneath the sky, / And there are many good people / Who don’t see eye to eye / … / “There are many roads to go / And they go by many names. / They don’t all go the same way / But they get there all the same / And I have a feelin’ that we’ll meet up some day / Where the roads come together, up the way” (extracts from “Where the Roads come together”/1971/words by Paul Colwell/music by Herbert Allen and Paul Colwell).

Some other nice lyrics to sing together: “Give the children back their childhood / Let the children run and play. / Don’t make them fight your battles / They’re the ones who always seem to pay. / Don’t make battlefields of their playgrounds / Don’t barricade their streets / Or they’ll grow up to soon / And they won’t grow up complete. / … / Don’t feed their minds with your bitter lines / And the prejudice that is yours / And they just may forget some day / to carry on our wars” (extracts from “Give the Childrem back their Childhood”/1974/words by Paul and Ralph Colwell/music by Herbert Allen and Paul Colwell).

"The Journey" (c) "You Tube"

“The Journey” (c) “You Tube”

On all continents, during 50 years22.000 young people, coming from 131 countries, were on the road with this non profit  assocation. They visited 14.000 cities and villages, in 71 countries, being hosted by 800.000 host families, giving their show to 1.1 billion spectators from all ages, races and religions, using the power of the music and the songs to let us have better human relations all over the world. 

So, you cann’t miss “The Journey”, on June 04th., at 08 p.m., in the “Brussels Expo”, Palace 10 (metro Heysel-Heizel). It will be the opportunity, for everyone, to exchange some words with some of the dancers, singers, musicians, coming, maybe, from you own country, during the intermission or after the show. Also, some young people (17 till 29 years old) from the audience wile have the chance, if they want, to aplly to become one future “UWP” cast member.

And if you like, everyone will have the opportunity to dance with them, till 01.30 a.m., during an exceptional “Post-Show Dance Party”, featuring the “Up with People Survival Band”.

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Just take a look on: or on videos filmed in Tucson, Arizona and in Orlando, Florida: ttps:// and and see some historical  views on:  and  https://

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