China-EU Partnerships stake on Digital Industry

The goal of the China-EU Foundation led by President Luigi Gambardella is clear. Be the engine of bilateral cooperation in digital, an area where they are investing hundreds of millions of dollars.

135389952_14642529594241nOn the occasion of the first year of activity of the foundation celebrated in Brussels, Chinese ambassador to the EU, Yang Yanyi stressed “China is shifting towards innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development with a clear and strong focus on innovation. In the coming five years, we will build a digital China at a faster pace through the implementation of a cyber strategy and further integration of information technology with socioeconomic development.”

China-EU foundation President Mr. Gambardella remarked, “Cooperation between Chinese and European companies creates business and employment opportunities. However, China-EU aims to achieve more than just business opportunities by bringing together Chinese and Europeans leaders and future digital leaders.”


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