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A summer with Pierre Marcolini

IMG_6211Pierre Marcolini, the Belgian master chocolatier on 19th May opened its doors to its luscious garden, where delicate flowers with biscuit petals growed, for the discerning palate…It was a very sophisticated event. The entire façade of the maison Marcolini at Sablon was totally covered with gorgeous flowers by famous florist Thierry Boutemy.

Guests and VIP were pampered by fragrant ice cream, crunchy cookies, refreshing beverages composed by new line of many infusions.

The event was the occasion to lunch the new collection, “A Summer with Pierre Marcolini”, now available in all Marcolini stores.

Next stop Shanghai, where soon a new Marcolini stores will open his doors.

« Heat, colour, sweetness ». Repeat this mantra three times and #summer will be here! By Pierre Marcolini.


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