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Greece: MEP Atkinson calls for immediate cuts in funding to aid agencies

Janice in GreeceHaving visited the Idomeni camp on 18th of May 2016 and the hotspot camp of Moria on Lesbos, MEP Janice Atkinson said: ‘It is clear that Greece, having been given millions of taxpayers money,  is struggling to cope. That is partly due to inefficiency and a basket case economy but this is compounded by some NGOs withdrawing their support. Namely, MSF  (Médecins Sans Frontières) who have misguidedly withdrawn all support as they believe the migrants are in a detention camp. Let’s be clear, they are not. They are not locked in, are free to leave the camp and stay outside if they wish. The only obligation is for them to report to the police three times a week, which seems perfectly acceptable to me”.

Mep Atkinson stressed: ” I therefore request no further funds are given to MSF and directed instead to the Greek authorities.UNHCR are only providing ‘protection’ services. They too should have their funds cut”.




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