From 25 May to 9 June, the China Cultural Center will be hosting the exhibition “Dynamic Life – Rainbow Colors”. It will display the works of artist Zhou Changxin, from oil paintings to coloured porcelain paintings.

《诱惑》80X120cm-2014-681x1024Born in 1973 in Zhanjiang in the Province of Guangdong, Zhou Changxin is a famous contemporary Chinese artist. After studying and practising oil painting during a very long time, he managed to successfully combine the Chinese and Western art styles. Founder of the colourful oil painting “zhong cai” and initiator of the sumptuously coloured porcelain painting “hou cai ci”, he stands out from his peers. According to professor and doctoral supervisor Du Dakai at Tsinghua University: “Viewed from an abstract point of view, Zhou Changxin’s porcelain painting contains many magical details. The result of kilning is unpredictable. It is often singular and accidental that only heaven can decide. What he has done initiates a brand new mode, which is marvelous.”

Patron and founder of the “Changxin International Art Scholarship” which is addressed to the best art graduate students, the artist is also very active in cultural exchanges between China and other nations. His works were exhibited in France, Germany and Italy. During its display in Brussels, the exhibition “Dynamic Life – Rainbow Colors” will show the Belgian public the magnificent artworks with a succession of bright and intense colours.

Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday from 9.30 to 20.00
Thursday and Friday from 9.30 to 18.00 Free entrance

Find more information and visuals on the website.

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