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Marion Stalens and Juliette Binoche inaugurate “Portraits de cinéma et d’ailleurs” in Fellini Foundation

Press Preview: Wednesday, March 2, Sion

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The cultural centre of Fellini Foundation “La Maison du Diable, located in the Swiss city Sion, has hosted the opening of the exposition “Portraits de cinéma et d’ailleurs” by the photographer Marion Stalens. The exhibition consists of a series of images representing the artist’s “double-sided” career, oriented towards both cinema and documentaries. The exposition, which will remain open to the public until the 27th of March (opening time: from Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm – 5pm, at “La Maison du Diable”, rue des Creusets 31, Sion), has been visited by the world-wide famous and Oscar winner actress Juliette Binoche, who is also the artist’s sister.

The actress had the possibility to visit the archive of the Foundation, consisting of more than 15000 documents, among which she particularly appreciated the sketches and the screenplays by the Italian film-director Federico Fellini. Then, after a meeting with the local public authorities, the protagonist of “Chocolat” took part in the projection of a documentary, directed by Stalens herself, about her extraordinary career. Following the projection, a cultural debate between public and speakers took place in the movie hall of “L’Arléquin” cinema.

Through such exhibition what we can really see is her love for human beings. These photos show Marion’s personal and labour track. There are not only pictures of me, there are also pictures that Marion took both in the street and during various film shoots with different artists, stage directors, actors and technicians,” said Binoche.

The French actress reminded how important her sister Marion Stalens has been during the last years of her life, saying that “having Marion as a witness during all those years has always been a sort of safe heaven in difficult times during shoots. I could see the love in her eyes and that is what I find in those pictures.”

Concerning the exhibition, the author and photographer Stalens defined it as “a real opportunity to link all the universes that have formed and have punctuated my story”. She also thanked all the people that had helped her realising her dream as the director of “les vins du Valais” Gerard Philippe Mabillard who introduce her to the president of Fondation Fellini Stéphane Marti and Nicolas Rouiller, director and commissioner of the exhibition.

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