Interview with the president of Francophone Brussels Parliament, Julie de Groote

DSC_0950Monday morning, February 15th, Julie de Groote the president of  Francophone Brussels Parliament organized a convention to speak about the relations between Cameroon and Belgium.

The conference was focused on promotion and defense of democracy. There were people from different regions of Cameroon that took part to this event to speak about their ideas, needs and problems concerning the relations between the two countries.

Julie de Grotte graduated in law and studied music in New York where she took part of different shows. She started working in the office of Vice-Premier minister Melchior Wathelet and then became Minister of Economic Affairs to protect consumers and managed trade, environment and industrial property. She became president of the Francophone  Brussels Parliament in 2009.

At the end of the interview with De Grotte we asked her which is her idea of democracy and an example of it. She told us that the better example of democracy is that conference. The president said that all democracies are under strain so we have to maintain a dialogue with our neighbors, also the African ones. The important thing is talking and interacting with each other to try to create a cooperation between countries.

Finally, she took the convention as an example of what is the meaning of a dialogue, in which people can speak about of their opinions and concerns.

source: Euromagh

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