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Austria: unpleasant but necessary check of border with Italy

Austria sets up a system of controls detailed in limiting the flow of migrants arriving in the country from Italy, reaching even to assume the realization of real fences.

At the time, they are expected of principles on crossings with Italy – Tarvisio, Brenner and Resia – with 12 unmanned gates in Austria’s southern border. This means that the Austrian authorities will turn more attention to cars in transit, as well as trains and people who come from Italy to Austria.

Control and observation points on the frontier that might eventually lead to real fences, as done by other European countries.
The Austrian minister Mikl-Leitner, spoke at the meeting on migrants emergency, which was also attended by the governor of Trentino Ugo Rossi, Alto Adige Arno Kompatscher and Tyrol Guenther Platter, he explained that it will be extended to the Italian border the same system already applied to the border control between Austria and Hungary.

The governor of Alto Adige however indicate that it will be temporary measures:
“We must realize that the current situation is extraordinary, and that some individual EU member states intend to step up border controls. It will still have to be temporary measures, and as Euregio we will strive to make our contribution to handle the emergency as best as possible”.


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