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Desnerck Media CEO Miguel D. Desnerck died


Miguel Damien Desnerck, CEO of Desnerck Media Group, passed away on 9th February. He was 44 years old.

Mr. Desnerck was son of Jacques Desnerck, a Belgian press editor. Since he was a child he wanted to work in the press world and he recently fulfilled such dream creating his company Desnerck Media Group.

During his career, Miguel specialized in communication establishing four online newspapers and three magazines focused on oenology. In addition, he managed a press relations company called MIDDCOM.

Brussels Diplomatic is one of the four online newspapers and it covers the international field, daily publishing articles about global and European affairs.

Desnerck Media staff offers its condolences to his family.





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  1. he was a friend of us, never forget his particular sense of humor & the permanent field of new ideas..; regrets
    dominique-albert Gany

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