North Korea launched a new #rocket: is the #nuclear program still going?



Last Sunday 7 February, North Korea launched a long-range rocket described as Earth observation satellite, but supposed to be a missile test conducted in defiance of UN sanctions.

Known as Shining Star or Kwangmyongsong-4, named after late leader Kim Jong II, the rocket weights about 100 kilograms and complete its orbit in 94 minutes.

According to North Korean officials, the rocket carries a satellite used to monitor the weather, mapping natural resources and forest distributions.

Such missile is now circling the Earth using an unclear frequency, the Command which monitors all satellites in orbit (NORAD) said.

The North Korean actions described as an “outright and grave violation” by western countries, have drawn renewed international condemnation.

Yesterday at 11:00 AM in New York the UN Security Council called for an emergency closed door session, ended with a vow to take “significant measures” in response to North Korea violations of UN resolutions.

The USA response to North Korea actions was deeply strong, ensuring that the Security Council will impose serious consequences.

“Let’s be clear: The United States will not be intimidated by a belligerent dictator in Pyongyang. This type of provocative behaviour is exactly why the House just passed additional sanctions to further isolate Kim’s regime”, US House Speaker Paul Ryan said.

Also, USA will help South Korea deploying an advanced a missile defence system at the earliest possible date.

Other Asian countries will take strong action against North Korea. Japan agreed Un Security Council must impose serious consequences, considering the North Korea’s missile test a “clear and deliberate” violation of a number of UN Security Council resolutions. Also China, was fearful of the impact of any implosion of North Korea’s ruling structures.

As Hammond said, “What we will be doing, the United States and Japan will be doing, is seeking to persuade the Chinese that it is in the interests of all of the international community now to apply some more direct economic pressure on North Korea at this point.”

What’s more, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg condemned North Korea rocket launch.

On the other hand, North Korea claimed Sunday’s satellite a “complete success”, according to BBC.

Just a month ago, 6 January, North Korea carried out a nuclear bomb test condemned by the UN Security Council.


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