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Desnerck Media and Fondation # Fellini started a partnership


The global media company Desnerck Media has just established a partnership with the well-known Fondation Fellini.

As an editorial group focused on international and diplomacy affairs Desnerck Media Group, its international newspaper and its public relations branch MIDDCOM became part of the Fellini Foundation’s cultural network with the purpose of sharing culture, art and cinema all over the world.

Fondation Fellini pour le cinéma was first created in 2001 in Sion, Switzerland, where its cultural center is based. With around 15 thousands of documents, the Foundation owns the largest collection in the world related to the Italian director Federico Fellini and thousands other directors.

Since its establishment, Foundation Fellini has organised 50 exhibitions and events worldwide and it currently organises international and interdisciplinary activities.

As an example, the Foundation produced several films and edited 25 publications including two books and monographs published by Gallimard in Paris.

Also, conscious of the importance of new technologies in nowadays life, the Foundation usually produces iPad interactive magazines to give its visitors a viewpoint of its cultural archive.

Always up with the times, Fondation Fellini is planning a variety of international meetings in 2016 which will be presented soon in Brusselsdiplomatic.

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