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WOC advances industry understanding and engagement on Marine Spatial Planning. #WOC #MSP

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As pollution is a key point in climate change, the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) planned an alliance with the World Ocean Council (WOC) to facilitate industry participation in marine-related programs and projects of the Eu and other government and inter-governmental bodies.
The aim of such alliance is to built a network of ocean industries well-informed on marine planning and to brought together ocean industry sectors for dialogue on cross-sectoral conflicts in ocean use.
Since 2010, WOC is working both making research and organising events. As an global council it has conducted industry outreach, reviews and case studies on MSP and its relation with industries. On the other hand, WOC has organised several industry/MSP conferences and forum.
Both activities have a unique purpose to share information to the ocean business community and to sensitise them in ocean sustainability.

Here WOC next programs:


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