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Didier Reynders in #Rome with countries of the coalition against #Daesh #begov #MRbe #reynders

f6bba489-d686-4efb-92c5-034e4eac6526On Tuesday  February 2nd, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders joined the 23-country ministerial conference against the terror group Daesh, in Rome.

The conference co-chaired by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Paolo Gentiloni and the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, aims at a global coalition against the so-called Islamic State and at a military action in Iraq and Syria.

Steps forwards have been made in deafiting Daesh and cutting its access to financial resources.

As the Italian Minister Gentiloni said: “Recently Daesh has lost 40% of inhabited aerea in Iraq, and 20% in Syria thanks to the joint commitment and resolve of all of us”.

Since May 2015 the terror group did not obtain any strategic victory in the two countries.

Then Gentiloni added: ”Relevant progresses have been made against Daesh, but the organization we face is very resilient and able to plan strategically, and we should not underestimate it.”

Specifically, Didier Reynders stated in Rome that Belgium has been supported this coalition since the beginning. Then, he underlined his worries for the Iraq and Syrian situations calling for a further stabilization in Iraq and for an immediate access for humanitarian relief all over Syria.

Concerning to that, the Belgian minister said that in rotation with The Netherlands, Belgium will send F-16 fighter aircrafts to support the coalition. Belgium also provides training for the Iraqi armed forces.

“Last year our country donated more than 50 million euros in humanitarian aid to the affected populations in Syria, Iraq and the region. Belgium hosts refugees from the region and takes measures against terrorism, radicalization and returning fighters”, he spoke.

Also, a key point of the conference was the critical Libya’s situation. Ministers appeared worried by the influence that Daesh might have on Libya due to its political instability. They also expressed their support for a government made by a national unity.

Since early 2015, the increasing presence of IS in Libya has been a factor of major concern for the international community. Thus, the coalition needs to remain vigilant to the possible extension of Daesh outside of Syria and Iraq.

“In Libya, we are on the brink of getting a government of national unity, and that will prevent Daesh from turning it into a stranglehold on the country’s future,” Kerry said and he added “we need to push full speed ahead with training security personnel and we need to ensure there is a decisive military edge not just to clear territory but to create a safe environment for a government to begin to stand up and operate.”

A final statement made by the 23 ministers participating at the summit reported that the countries will “intensify and accelerate the campaign against Daesh in Iraq and Syria”.

“We will stand ready to support the Government of National Accord in its efforts to establish peace and security for the Libyan people,” it added.

Anyway, no one had mentioned any immediate military action in North Africa country or Libya.

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