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Train line Brussels-Luxemburg-Strasbourg neglected. #train #sncb #cfl #eu


Is the Pendolino train and a public-private partnership the solution to go ahead with a modern line between the 3 european capitals ?

François  Bellot, the Walloon regional  MP and mayor of Rochefort, denounced the lack of attention towards the problems of Brussel-Luxembourg line.

Guest at the belgium television MAtele, Bellot accused SNCB and the walloon government to do not care about the critic status of the Brussel-Luxemburg line.

“The last time that the line Brussels/Luxembourg/Strasbourg had been renovated, was in 1958. Since such time, it has been been neglected,” said the deputy Bellot.

The train line connects Brussels to Luxembourg City passing through the Wallon capital Namur and then goes to Strasbourg. Every day it around 42.000 travellers takes such train and spend about 3h17 before arriving to Luxembourg. Too much time for a distance of 250 km.

According to the François Bellot, government inaction is the result of a community problem that has affected Belgium for many years. The point is that Flandre and Wallonie don’t have the same priorities and Wallonie doesn’t have an organised transports’  strategy.

“The time for planning permits is too long. Between 2003 and 2016, the cost of work has increased by 30%. The longer we wait, the greater the amount of work increases,” added the deputy talking about Wallonie government.

As a result, there might be a chance providing a public-private partnership through the launch of a new train called “Pendolino”, conformed to Ardennes’ environment, in the Brussel-Luxembourg line.



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