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Family Day: huge italian support for traditional family. #family #italia #roma


On Saturday January 30 thousands of people have rallied in Italian capital city Rome against the bill giving gay couples legal recognition and adoption rights.

The protest known as “Family Day”, supported by Catholic groups, took place at Rome’s Circus Maximus.

Citizens from all over Italy participated to the rally helding up banners saying “It is wrong even if it becomes law”.

Protesters generally think that such bill, the “DDL Cirinnà”, destroys the traditional family and  goes against children’s rights.

The parliament started debating the bill, named after its author, Monica Cirinnà, the 28th Thursday and is due to vote in February.

The proposal calls for the recognition of both same-sex and heterosexual civil unions.

What is proving particularly debated is a clause in the bill that allows gay people to adopt the biological children of their partner.

“The traditional family is based exclusively on a man and a woman. We don’t want to deprive children of the right to have a father and a mother,” declared a protester to BBC.

Last week hundreds of thousands of people joined demonstrations in major cities across Italy in support of gay rights. Italy is the only country in western Europe that does not recognise civil unions or gay marriage. Thus a protest started called “Wake up Italy”.

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