In Brazil, Areia Branca is the city of salt

MVI_5389.MOV.Still002The city of Areia Branca in Rio Grande do Norte state is the most important industrial pole for salt production in Brazil with an average production of 5,5 milions tons or around 92 and 98% of the entire Brazilian production.

In an exclusive interview Mr. Renato Fernandes, representative of salt industry, explains how important is the industrial pole in the city of Areia Branca that generates around 15,000 employee.

Mr. Fernandes was accompanied by the Governor of Rio Grande do Norte Mr. Robinson Faria and federal deputy Mr. Cunha Souza on the occasion of the signature for extension of fiscal benefits for the salt industry in Areia Branca.MVI_5389.MOV.Still003

The salt of Areia Branca is a product of excellence with over 14,000 applications (food, cloth, cosmetics, chemical industry..).

The most important states for the export are USA, Nigeria and Camerun.


Henry Borzi

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