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Towards new catalan elections #CPU #JuntsPelSi #spain


In December the Catalan president Artur Mas and his pro-independence Junts pel Si coalition have concluded a preliminary deal with the radical left-wing Popular Unity Candidacy(CUP) to form a secessionist government. However, the assembly of CUP failed to validate this deal and 68 members of the Popular Unity Candidacy party decided that they would not support the candidacy of Mas to become the government’s president.

So the Parliament of Catalonia voted against Mas but the members of the Parliament have until the 9th of January to vote for Mas or to find an alternative candidate. If they don’t take a decision, Catalonia will have new regional elections.

In the last September’s elections the pro-indepence Junts pel Si obtained 62 seats out of 135 in the Catalan Parliament but to form the government  it needs the support of CUP that gained 10 seats.



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