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Vladimir Putin with Hugo Chavez, 26 November 2004

According to analysts, the advent of a  new government in Venezuela will lead the country to a partial isolation from international politics or at least to a cooling down of bilateral relation, notably with the Caribbean countries, Iran and most importantly Russia.

Even though the Soviet Union had already established diplomatic relations with the South American country in 1945, Russia intensified relations with Venezuela since socialist president Hugo Chávez took power in the country in 1999. Warm relations involved sale of military equipment, investments, agreements on the development of outer space, the use of nuclear energy and oil business.

The victory of the opposition party MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática) during the elctions held on Sunday 6th will imply a significant shift in international relations, said Jorge Restrepo, director of the Conflict Analysis resource center (Cerac), especially because of Russia change in priority.

The current Russian commitment in the war against ISIL in Iraq will let the loosening of bilateral relations with Venezuela take second place in the international arena and will not imply high costs for the South American country, experts say.

Reportedly, Russia will have to stop regarding Venezuela as one of its most important trading and military allies in Latin America.

Valentina CALCAGNO

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