Cameron starts his battle against Isis #cameron #isis


The Prime Minister David Cameron has declared that Britain has to launch airstrike against Isis, in order to bomb Isis targets in Syria. In the past, Britain has already carried out drone strikes against Isis, now he claimed that this is the right moment for military action.

Cameron presumes that Britain is in the “top tier” of countries terrorism targeting, so important decision must be taken to protect the country.

The Prime Minister stated that the Nations has to face the critical situation, Britain has to defense its identity and values. To this purpose Cameron will propose to vote on it in the next couple of weeks.

In a Commons statement he is expected to say: “Whether or not to use military force is one of the most significant decisions that any government takes. The need to do so most often arises because of a government’s first duty: the responsibility to protect its citizens.”

Valentina Gagliano

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