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Founded by Vincent Morello and Eric Joubert in Singapore in 2013, the French Cellar is a wine business platform that has been extended to Hong Kong and Mainland China in the last years. This is an exceptional way to provide a selection of wine of best quality produced in different parts of French regions and selected by renowned sommeliers. The website also offers a special delivery service and an online subscription.

According to the Figaro, China is the 5th largest consumers of wine in the world, after France, Italy, the USA and Germany, and even the first in red wine consumption. Nowadays China wine market is becoming more and more important. Between 2007 and 2011, there has been a growth of wine consumption of 142,1% and this growth is expected to rise of 40% by 2016. It is interesting to know that China imports a huge percentage of wine from EU, in particular from France.

However, during an interview released in 20th November by Jin Wang, the director of French Cellar in Shanghai, he explained how much is difficult to find good French wine in China. He declared that most of Chinese people usually buy wines just because they want it and they are not interested in real good quality of wine. This is the reason why in China wine market is more commercial than others; consumers just care about price and labels.

The main purpose of French Cellar, stated Jin Wang, is to enlarge wine knowledge of Chinese people, sharpen their tastes and increase consumption of French wines. Actually the diffusion of the platform has already brought to great results in Singapore, where many locals subscribed themselves on the website, so that they can monthly receive good bottles of wine selected by experts, by paying a fixed fee.

Valentina Gagliano

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