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European SME’s against wars between multinationals. #SME #europe #ec

European economies are driven by +/-20 million SME’s, large ones with 250-2500 employees, small ones with 25-250 workers, very small ones with 1 to 25 artisans. Since 1958, attention was paid to large groups with 2.500 to 25.000, or corporations with 250.000 persons, and multinationals with up to 750.000 persons or more. It is less work to distribute money, less productive for the economy and it touches unwanted geo-political strategies.
There is no need for statistcs, surveys, analysis, reports or any blue tape : The European citizen and the European SME-managers are convinced that DG Entreprise, the network of “SME Envoys” and any other SME instruments are of paramount importance. In those troubled political and economical times, they deserve much more visibility and responsibilities from the European Council of Ministers, from the Directors general of the Commission, from the European Council and, last but not least, from the European Parliament.
SME’s produce typically (bio) agricultural products, transform (quality) food, (natural) garnments, (clean) technology, (innovative) housing products, (cooperative) services, etc.; whereas multinational corporations are more drivezn by standard mass production. Also, the so-called “social sciences and humanities” are very much appreciated in helping non-profit associations to develop and secure the (real) internal market, the peaceful and slow-economy arena. That is where the EC’s calls for proposal concerning the “intercultural and intergenerational” gathering of SME’s and artisans in Brussels is so crutial.
Incidentally, besides “SME Union” and “CEA-PME”, a new initiative is being created in Brussels in this area : Network Europe Center, a foundation financed and driven by private SME-experts from 28 Member States. With a fast growing 500+ members, they will host European Commission officers to speak about the calls for proposals which they have written for SME’s. The 2016 programme is ready to roll and thousands os SMEs will be invited in the “SME-district” of their European capital. The theme for their founders’ launch assembly in March is: “SMEs and tax re-cast in Brussels. Towards a self-help system”.

NEC will creat a small Brussels secretariat to animate the network and their founders contribute to it, in the hope of some EC match-funding. They claim a list of +/-750 venture capitalists, seasoned out of the SME arena, who we will approached in 2016 as well.

Nicolas de Potter


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