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21st. “International Nature Festival of Namur”, till October 18th.

Last year, for the 20th. anniversary of the “FINN” (“International Festival Namur-Nature”), the Prins Laurent of Belgium, coming with his children, met the Ambassador of Tchad, in Jambes-Namur, during this Festival, one of the five more important european Festivals dedicated to the nature.
H.R.H Prince Laurent with H.E. the Ambassador of Tchad (2014)

H.R.H Prince Laurent with H.E. the Ambassador of Tchad (2014)

This year, till October 18th., Namur is  again the European Capital of the nature, with three competitions, one for photographies and two for movies, one for professionals and the other one for amators (winnar, last Saturday October 10th.: “Fragments”, from Sylvain Diserens/05’/Switzerland).
But, first, speaking about photographies, for 2€ only, from October 15th. till October 18th., you can discover 22 exhibitions in Namur, capital of Wallonia. One will be organized in the Palace of the Governor (about dangerous animals, one production of “Biosphotos). On the same Square St.-Aubain,6 will be opened at the first floor of the “Brasserie Henry” (“Wild Moments”, from Brigitte and Jean-Jacques Alcalay-Marcon; “Timeless Journey”, by Stéphane Delpeyroux, with his photographies tooked in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Indonesia, Nepal, New-Zealand,and Polynesia).
In the Governor's Palace (c) "Boisphoto"

To see in the Governor’s Palace
(c) “Biosphoto”

On 7 different sites of the Citadel, a former military place wich welcome, for 4 days, on his grounds, no less than 15 exhibitions, like: “Ouganda, Land of Adventure”, from Aurélien Mallard; “Lynch, Transversal Regards”, from Laurent Geslin; “Wild Moments in the Southern Alps”, from Robert Fortes; “Natural Atmospheres”, from Caroline Antao; and a great selection of the “Photographies’ International Competition of Montier-en-Der”, France.
But, coming back on the other side of the Meuse River (free transportation are provided), near the railway station of Jambes, inside the “Acinapolis” movie-theatres, you will find the “Nature’s Village”, with 17 more photographies’ exhibitions, like “The last Elephants”, from Céline Jurgelevicius; “Land of  Clementine, from Alexandre Boudet; “The American Wild Dream”, from Jean-Luc Heili; without to forget both selections of two international photographies’ festivals, this one of  “The Nature’s Photos of Namur” (on thursday, you can vote for the “Audience’s Award”, having to chooise between 100 superb photographies) and, last but not least, on the second floor, about 90 photographies selected by the well knowned “BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year”‘s competition, from London (so, all the explanations are wrote in english).
"The Last Elephant  (C) Celine Jurgelevisius

“The Last Elephant
(C) Celine Jurgelevisius

In the “Nature’s Village”, you can also find books and videos, but also learn how to make films (with the “Video Academy”) or to take pictures in the nature, with all the material you can dream to use someday. For your pleasure, this “Nature Village”, the 17 photos’ exhibitions, the both stairs’ sides between the 3 floors and the two projections’ rooms are decorated by about 2700 plants.
And when we speak about projections, don’t forget the professional films’ competition (some of them showed in english version) with:
* “Wild Sri Lanka, Forest of Clouds” (Joe Loncraine/Austria/50′) + “Life Force, Borneo” (Satochi Okabe/Japan/48′), on Thursday 15th, at 08 p.m. 
“Africa’s Trees of Life, Sausage Tree” (Stefania Muller/South Africa/46′) + “The Secret Life of Trees” (Saturnina and Artur Oman/Poland/35′), on Friday 16th., at 05 p.m. 
* “The Water’s Journey” (Frank Neveu/France/33′) + “Moon” (François De Riberolles/France/80′), on Friday 16th., at 05.30 p.m. 
* “Kestrel Falcons” (Cees Van Kemen/Netherlands/50′) + “Little Sparrows, Big Cities” (Judith Doppler and Kurt Mayer/Austria/51′), on Fri. 16th., at 08.30 p.m.
* “America’s National Parks, Yosemite” (Oliver Goetzl/Germany/53′) + “Wild Yellowstone, Frozen Winter” (Curt Morgan/USA/49′), on Saturday 17th., at 11 a.m.
* “The Beer’s Metamorphosis” (Charlène Gravel and Rémy Marion/France/51′) + One conference gived by Rémy Marion, on Saturday 17th., at 02 p.m.
On Saturday 17th., at 08 p.m., Awards’ Proclamation (5 prices, including one Audience’s Award) of the Professional Films’ Competition, by the Jury’s President: Pierre Stine, Film Director for the french T.V. “France 2” and by the President, and creator, of this interesting Nature’s Festival, Philippe Taminiaux. Also, right after a cocktail reception, around 10.30 p.m., projection of the 2015 “Nature-Namur” Best Professional Film.
To close this 21st. “FINN”, on Sunday 18th.:
* Projection of the 14 Amators’ Films in competition (5′ maximum for each one), at 2 p.m.
* Projection of two Professional’s Films having received one award, one at 4 p.m. and the second one at 5 p.m.
* Closing Gala, at 8 p.m., with a documentary about the oldest european nature TV magazine, “Le Jardin extraordinaire” (“The Extraordinary Garden”), a production of the French Speaking Belgian TV, “RTBF”, ccelebrating his 50th. anniversary, presented by Thierry Dumortier and Claudine Brasseur, actual and former animators of this program.
Also, on Saturday 17th. and Sunday 18th., 18 walking in the nature are organized by the Fetival, being guided by professionnal tour guides. All informations and prices over exhibitions, films’ projections and walkings can be finded on:
In any case, if you like the nature, if you want learn more about it, don’t miss to come in Namur, from Jambes till the heart of the old city and the Citadel, between Thursday October 15th. and Sunday October 18th.
Yves Calbert.
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