EXPO 2015: The Chinese pavilion  #expo #2015 #china #giftofnature

MVI_1397.MOV.Still002China’s theme captures an attitude of thankfulness, respect and cooperation that characterizes its people: the land has fed man from its beginnings and hope suggests the prospect of a future where food can offer life to everyone.

Agriculture, food, environment, sustainable development are the focal points of China’s participation in Expo Milano 2015. Its aim is to recall the tenet of Chinese philosophy that “man is part of nature,” and to illustrate its cultural traditions and progress in the areas of agriculture, showcasing the great strides made in the use of resources for providing a sufficient supply of good and healthy food.

The underlying theme is the pursuit of balance between mankind and the environment, between humanity and nature. Just as the farmer looks after and protects the earth, so must people care for the planet.

The exhibition area of ​​4,590 square meters unfolds around three themes. “The Gift of Nature” illustrates cropMVI_1397.MOV.Still003 processes according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar and the five colors of the soil. “Food for Life” shows the production path of foods including tofu and other dishes, China’s famous eight schools of cuisine, and its tea culture. “Technology and the Future” charts the progress of science, including the hybrid rice of Professor Yuan Longping, recycling in agriculture and techniques for tracking the Internet of things.

This is the first time that China participates in a Universal Exposition with a self-built pavilion, symbolizing its commitment as a vast nation and the second largest economy in the world. For the first time, China is committed to illustrate and explain details of its agricultural policy, ranging from its history to the innovations of the future. Individual cities and provinces will also be present with rich and colorful events. And, for the first time ever, there will also be Chinese companies in their own self-built pavilions.


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