Belgian rescue operation for endangered christians of the middle East #Belgium #Syria #war #refugees #reynders



Thanks to a group of Belgians and the belgian authorities, 244 Aleppo residents have left their city and found protection in Belgium.

Nowadays, Aleppo (Syria) is held by islamist groups fighting against Président Bachar El-Assad’s army. Thus, residents have to hide, live permanently in fear, and face a huge lack of food and water. Faced with this situation, 25 Belgians contacted Theo Francken (Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, N-VA) and Didier Reynders, minister of foreign affairs (MR), who agreed to set up an exceptional  rescue operation.




Min. Didier Reynders kept his word when he promissed helping Christians of the Middle-East

However, everybody could not be saved, « we decided to help weak people, families with child, elders… », said Theo Francken. Nonetheless, he warned: « we will be strict with those who abuse our hospitality. ». Belgians who have been involved in this operation refused to explain how Syrians have been saved in order to protect those who have brought their help. Besides, the number of refugees worldwide has never been so significant since the Second World War.

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