Israel’s premier to meet representatives of the Ethiopian community following protest on Sunday #israel #protest #riot #Ethiopia #Netanyahu

Netanyahu: new concessions twoards the palestinian authority

Netanyahu: new concessions twoards the palestinian authority

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled to convene a meeting in his office with leaders of the Ethiopian community following a protest in Tel Aviv on Sunday against racism. The riot left 68 injured and 43 arrested, according to police.

“There’s room for the clarification of all claims, but there’s no room for violence and breaking the law,” he said. The protest came after video footage surfaced last week, depicting two police officers assaulting an IDF soldier of Ethiopian descent in an apparently unprovoked incident.

At Sunday’s demonstration, protesters threw rocks and glass bottles at police, who responded with stun grenades and fired water cannons at protesters. According to Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, 23 of the injured were police officers.

The Prime Minister was also to meet the soldier who was beaten by police last week.

Source : EIPA 

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