Liberia placing on Belgium for its development! #liberia #belgium #development

Ambassador Isaac Nyenabo III


We remember, during the dark hours that have recently hit hard Liberia, that Brussels Airlines has fought to continue  air connections to Liberia. Today, the announcement of the choice of Brussels after London for issuing biometric passports for all nationals of the Benelux, France and Italy is certainly no coincidence.

This strong gesture of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and indicates its willingness to strengthen and to identify the members of the diaspora of his country and the skills that the country could benefit for its development as advocated by the OECD (Organisation and cooperation Economic Development)

The official announcement and implementation modalities were made at the Embassy of Liberia in Brusselson Saturday March 14th. It was the first speech for the new Ambassador HE Mr. Isaac Nyenabo II, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to the European Union.

Appointed onFebruary 10th 2015, Senator Isaac Nyenabo II announced to  the liberian community in Belgium but also to all those who made the trip out of sympathy for his country, he  will realize its ambition to develop from Brussels, capital of the European Union and friendly country, a foreign policy that would attract investors to develop trade and participate in raising the average income of the population Liberia.

Noëlle PARE

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