Porto-Ilha, the most important port for exporting salt of Latin America

credits FOTOIMAGEM - Joinville-SC

Our correspondent in Brazil visited the impressive offshore Porto-Ilha, the most important port for exporting salt of Latin America in Areia Branca city, Rio grande do norte state.

Porto-Ilha-2Porto-ilha is an artificial island built of sand and steel, deep sea, with approximately 15 thousand square meters, became the port for disposal of all salt produced in Rio Grande do Norte.

It is a pioneer work in Latin America. The port is rectangular, measures 92 meters wide and 166 meters long. Was grounded with material taken coralline region and covered with a salt floor to ensure the purity of the stored product.

According to unofficial data collected by the site, the export of salt through the Porto-ilha in Areia Branca-RN, registered in 2014 number higher than that recorded in 2013.

It is expected that the Company of Rio Grande do Norte Docks (Codern), state that administers the Areia Branca Salineiro Terminal disclose in the coming weeks, the balance of exports last year that should display the number of 1.526 million tons of salt were shipped in the artificial island. The figure is 400,000 tons more compared to the previous year.

credits FOTOIMAGEM - Joinville-SC

credits FOTOIMAGEM – Joinville-SC

For 2015 the prediction is of 3 million tons. The most important destination of salt are in order: USA, Nigeria, Canada and Europe, mostly for food and chemical industry.

After expansion in the storage yard, the Dock Company maintains investments through the acquisition of new equipment and technologies in order to speed up the storage on the island and salt boarding the ships docked in the harbor.


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