Wind energy: Rio Grande do Norte, the first wind park in Brazil

from our correspondent in Brasil: Henry BORZI

For Rio Grande do Norte (RN), which closes the year 2014 with a significant amount of more than 1.000 wind turbines, the prospects for this beginning of year 2015 could not be more optimistic. The state will soon break that first quarter 2015 the barrier of 2 GW of wind power.

Late last year, were released by Aneel, to come into commercial operation, the wind farm Renaissance I to IV, Ventos de São Miguel and Carcará II. Each of the four Renaissance parks and the São Miguel Winds park consists of 15 wind turbinesof 2MW of Vestas Danish manufacturer, for a total of 150MW, owned by Brookfield Energy Partners, located in the municipality of Parazinho.

In addition to these, 75 wind turbines, had the entry into operation of units 3, 6 and 9, who completed the operation of the wind farm Carcará II, of Voltalia, using 10 machines Acciona AW300 of 3 MW, located in the city of Areia Branca. After the addition of these 78 turbine and 159MW, Rio Grande do Norte state reaches the amazing amount of 1.007 wind turbines of an installed capacity of 1.734.997MW and 65 wind farms in operation.

Rio grande do Norte is the first Brazilian state to break the barrier of 1.000 wind turbines in operation, also being the first state to break the barrier of 1 GW installed wind power, a fact that occurred in the summer of 2014. In addition to these numbers, the RN is starting this year breaking the barrier of 2 GW of installed wind power, after the scheduled connection to several parks to the Subestação de João Câmara III, by the middle of this month of January and early February.

Although the RN have had a performance far short of what was expected in auctions held last year, the investment options of large companies increase every season, according to Jean-Paul Prates. He said that the state will prove attractive, it is important that the current government may grant incentive policies to investor sas it has in other states.

Wind industry continues to expand across RN

Even in the face of bureaucratic obstacles and the lack of public policies for the sector, RN performance in the wind sector makes Parazinho the municipality of Brazil with the largest number of installed machines.This finding reinforces the importance of wind power for economic and social development of the city, which survived for many years of family farming and the Bolsa Família Program, is now with its economy based in the wind energy production. Another municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Norte who excelledin producing wind energy in 2014 was Areia Branca. The city won the implementation of manufacturing wind turbines and towers industry.The company Acciona has invested nearly US $60 million to settle in the city, generating jobs and income for the whole region.

In addition to the Areia Branca 90MW, otherwind projects are under construction: Project São Miguel do Gostoso (RN – 108MW starting commercial operation in the second quarter of 2015)and Vamcruz projects (EC-93MW starting operation trade in the first half of 2016).

The capacity of 1.7MW installed in RN are also the result of investments made over the past four years.The RN has a very large active installed power capacity, which can attract new investement over the next auctions.

Source: Voz de Areia Branca

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