Leila Shahid leaves her function of Palestinian delegate to Belgium and the EU


Leila Shahid, born in Beirut in 1949, a member of the influential Husayni family of Jerusalem, is the first woman ambassador of Palestine. She studied anthropology at the American University of Beirut. She then worked in the Palestinian refugee camps until 1974 when she began her doctorate in Anthropology in Paris.

Shahid was the official representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Ireland from 1989, in the Netherlands in 1990, and then of the Palestinian Authority in Paris,France, for 13 years from 1993.

Shahid has been, since 2006, the General Delegate of Palestine to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Now Leila Shahid comes back to her natal cit, Bierut, to be involved in civil society movements.

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