Since 1990, every year in Hong Kong, on June 4, thousands of people commemorates the Tiananmen terrible episode that occurred 25 years ago in Beijing. An act that always sounds like a dare facing the Chinese giant.


Between 2000 and 3000 people have begun to demonstrate sunday in the streets of Hong Kong, shortly before the 25th anniversary of the crash of the “Beijing Spring” in Tiananmen Square. The citizens of the former British colony are the only ones able to openly protest against repression in 1989 in Beijing, thanks to their semi-autonomous status. During the parade, which is held as every year a few days before the candlelight vigil on this evening, the protesters shouted slogans calling for the “Democracy Now”, the “End of the single party” or the ‘universal suffrage’. Meanwhile, Chinese authorities have imposed draconian security today around the famous square facing the Forbidden City area in Beijing, while Washington and more than 200 foreign intellectuals called for the release of dozens of chinese preventively detained.

The presence of municipal guards, civil servants, agents neighborhood committees, even 25 years later, underlines the nervousness of the authorities of an event that had traumatized the population and violently shook the regime vis- à-vis. On the night of 3 to 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Square was the scene of the most deadly crackdown by the army of a popular movement present in Beijing since the founding of regime in 1949. Tens of thousands of soldiers , supported by hundreds of tanks , had taken possession of the place occupied for seven weeks by students and the public, claiming freedom and democracy. The assault had been hundreds of deaths. The whole world will never forget the image of the ‘Unknown Rebel’.


“It is the responsibility of the people of Hong Kong to support the steps for democracy because we have a protection for our freedoms” told Richard Tsoi, vice-president of the Alliance Hong Kong to support pro-democracy movements in China. Hong Kong has even opened its first museum dedicated to the June 4, 1989, a strong political gesture in relation to drastic censorship and the lack of information for young people.



Claudio SANNA

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