The Flanders-China Chamber of commerce which gathers important flemish institutional investors and businessmen keen to improv their relationship with China or do business with China met yesterday at the BNP Paribas Fortis building. Lots of chinese businessmen were also present.

The heads of post are in Brussels for the “belgian diplomatic days”. It was thus an opportunity for the Chamber to have 1 ambassador and three heads of post from China available for  a in-depth discussion in Brussels.

Belgian Ambassador in China Philippe Malherbe explained the audience the general conditions to do business in China, the opportunities and the sensitive points.

Belgian Consul in Shanghai Cathy Buggehnhout explained the particularities of the free trade zones, in which, at the moment no belgian company is intrested.

Christian de Lannoy is consul in Guangzhou. This province has now the particularity to have higher wages, which leads to a departure of different business to lower wages countries as Vietnam. The labour intensive activities tend to diasppear and the proportion of services in this region becomes higher.

Evert Marechal is consul in Honk Kong and Macau. Hong Kong, the former british colony still has a particular system in the Republic of China. The “one country, two systems” way of working is still a reality. The bitish common law is applied, the law security for investment and trade is higher and Hong Kong appears to be a very intresting port of entry in China for those who want to introduce their goods of services in this very special market.



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