The new government in the Grand-Duchy of luxemburg will be sworn in this afternoon.

Xavier Bettel, leader of  DP, the new  prime minister

Xavier Bettel, leader of DP, the new prime minister

The liberal mayor of Luxemburg-city, Xavier BETTEL (40) will lead a three parties-coalition with 15 ministers. DP (liberals),Dei Greng (Green party) and LSAP (socialists) will form a coalition which was never seen before. They oust the CSV (christian democrats) out of power.

The composition of the cabinet:

Prime Minister: Xavier BETTEL (DP); Foreign Affairs: Jean ASSELBORN (LSAP); Finance: Pierre GRAMEGNA (technicien); Economy, tourism,foreign trade: Etienne SCHNEIDER (LSAP); Agriculture, wine, rural development: Fernand ETGEN (DP); Labour, employment: Nicolas SCHMIT (LSAP); internal Affairs: Dan Kersch (LSAP) Education: Claude MEISCH (DP); Justice: Felix BRAZ (Dei Greng); Family: Corinne CAHEN (DP); Transports, infrastructure: François BLAUSCH (Dei Greng); Health: Lydia Mutsch (LSAP); culture and housing: Maggy NAGEL (DP); sports: Romain SCHNEIDER (LSAP); Environnement: Carole Dieschbourg (Dei Greng); secretary of state for education: André BAULER (DP); secretary of state for economy: Francine CLOSENER (LSAP); secretary of state for sustainablke devpt and environment: Camille GIRA (Dei Greng)

The new government will be  sworn in this afternoon. The new prime minister will be appointed by Grand-Duc Henri.

The House of Representatives in luxemburg-City

The House of Representatives in Luxemburg-City

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