At the italian Embassy in Brussels, last 25th of September, the prize for contemporary art, the  Blumm Prize art in progress 2013 was awarded.


The Prize conceived and organized by communication agency Pomilio Blumm and strongly endorsed by the Italian ambassador in Belgium Alfredo Bastianelli, aimed to highlight the needs of contemporary civic life through a relationship of exchange and interpenetration of art and life. A link between all spheres of existence, through works of art that could link the post-production, environmental sustainability, relational art and social and civic consciousness.

The 2013 edition gathered 20 artists under 40 from around the world  in the splendid eighteenth-century palace of the Italian Embassy in Belgium. They were asked to reinterpret the theme of transparency as a value in itself and as a point of reference in the dialog between citizens and institutions.

The most important values ​​of life have an important role for the Pomilio Blumm and for this reason they would like to support and promote the culture and education through an award of contemporary art, as art is an essential part of progress and human life.

Winner of this year has been the Venetian artist Maria Elisabetta Novello with the work “Communicating vessels” in which emerges its parent element: the ashes. As pointed out by the artist, the work aims to remind the incessant cycle of decay and regeneration that pervades human action, thus giving a new sense of ethics to life.


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