Graham Watson MEP

Graham Watson MEP

The result of german elections of this sunday presents two important trends: a huge victory for Angela Merkel (CDU) and the total disparition of the FDP from the Bundestag. They can’t reach the hurdle of 5% and so don’t retain any seta in the german federal parliament. ELDR-president, Graham Watson MEP says: “This election outcome is a bitter blow for a party which has worked so hard to keep Germany’s economy on track and to safeguard the freedoms of its citizens. The FDP will be much missed in government. But Liberalism is often most rejected when it is most needed.

The FDP are experienced survivors and they will be back, both at federal level and in Hesse. The economic recessions of the last century did not kill Liberalism, and nor will the current one.

However the FDP must now think long and hard about how it can regain the initiative with Germany’s citizens by offering a broader-based menu of Liberal answers for the challenges the country faces.

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