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The essence of Indian cinema. Exhibition of photographs by Géraldine LangloisCinema which leaves people “with a spring in their step and a song on their lips”! Gautaman Bhaskaran, film critic.


Prepare for the centenary of Indian cinema by viewing portraits of the stars of the largest cinema industry in the world through the photographs taken by Géraldine Langlois. 

The exhibition “The essence of Indian cinema” presents portraits in black and white of actors, actresses, directors and producers who are flavour of the month, belonging both to the world of “Bollywood”, with its financial clout and its glamour, and the more realistic and authentic so-called “parallel cinema”.

Pictures taken on film sets, at gala evenings and in relaxed settings somewhere between Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata highlight the effervescence which prevails on set and the very particular atmosphere of filming this genre of cinema. Géraldine Langlois has shown a remarkable ability to capture the positive energy and the often exuberant joy, which flow from current Indian cinematography, to portray its essence in her ‘still cinema’.

The exhibition celebrates ten years of travelling around several European capitals and, after presentation in Mumbai on the occasion of the Belgian Economic Mission to India in 2010 it is stopping off in Brussels to celebrate the centenary of Indian cinema and as a prelude to the cultural events linked with India which will take place all over Belgium this autumn.


Chapelle de Boondael | 10 Square du Vieux Tilleul | 1050 Ixelles 

From Thursday 12 to Sunday 29 September 2013

Open Tuesday to Friday 13.00-19.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-19.00


Henry Borzi

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