Throne Day is a national celebration marking the enthronement of King Mohammed VI on  the throne of his ancestors.
It is celebrated on July 30 each year and during one day.

The throne celebration in Brussels. In the capital of Europe, both Ambassadors of Morocco to the kingdom of Belgium and to the European Union gave a wonderful reception for all the friends of this great african country. Music, dances, food and atmosphere were all magnificent and everyone could get to know more this superb country full of traditions and cultural richness.
The throne celebration in Morocco

King Mohammed VI (1963)

King Mohammed VI (1963-)

During the throne celebration, Mohammed VI always makes a  ​​a speech to the nation broadcasted on national TV ansd radio channels, explaining various efforts to develop the country.
On the occasion of the throne celebration, Mohammed VI practices various royal activities including: the ceremony of allegiance, the ceremony of swearing-in of new officers graduated of major military schools, a royal pardon to number of convicts. The King also chairs  different receptions organized specially for the  throne celebration .
In addition, the King receives joys and bliss by several presidents and kings of other nations.


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