The “OMMEGANG” is a magical spectacle which drops us back into the period of the middel-ages, the spanish Low lands and Charles V. Ommegang comes from old flemish language (“om”= about, around ; “gang”= to circulate, to go) and means it’s a cortege that goes around the old centre of Brussels, what it still does every year.


It’s a wonderful scenery where all the layers of Brussels medieval society  parade in very old suits with horses, tools, weapons… and are realer than real.  It’s a piece of belgian folklore because groups come not only form Brussels, but from the different parts of the country. There are songs, musics, fires,lights…

The first spectacle took place last tuesday and the next one will be tomorrow 4th of july. Besides the spectacles, the Coudenberg palace and its underground can be visited (in the underground, there is an exhibition about the Ommegang) and there are animations at the Grand’Sablon.


The spectacle lasts more than two hours and attracts lots of tourists in Brussels, from all over he world.  it ‘s unique, wonderful, colorfull and is played only twice a year making a link between the ancient nobility, their descendants and the population of Brussels. The main role, this of Charles V is played by Marquis Olivier de Trazegnies (1st spectacle) and Prince Bernard de Mérode (2nd spectacle)



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