from our publisher  Miguel D. DESNERCK, special correspondent in Nantes: 


A serie of articles about the European Green Capital 2013, NANTES.

Nantes got the award of european green capital 2013. This award given by the European Commission is not easy to get. It means that the city lots of efforts did to be recognised as a top player as green city in the european union.

Some examples of how Nantes changed habits and minds to a greener future:

– reducing the impact of the city on climate change at local level. The city could reduce the amount of cars in and thus of CO2 emission. Air quality, sound pollution and waste management were serious issues. To avoid car traffic, the tramway network was hugely extended.

– the reduction of water consumption and a better management of water ressources in the Nantes region were emphasized.

– the nature and biodiversity in the whole Nantes region are of importance and the protection of flowers, rivers, trees and animals were also an important element to obtain the award. There are in Nantes 4 natura2000 areas which were protected and cared about.

– the decision makers are making an enhanced use of soft transportation modalities: waterways (the Loire), bikes, tramways. The authorities also developped ways to ensure an easier and fluent car traffic ( )

– the regional and local authorities also developped policies to encourage green econmy qnd the development of start ups and little companies based on the green issues. The green economy in Nantes could create lots of new labour posts and the attractivity of the city for people who settle there to work is also enhanced.

Some figures: there are 100000 trees in Nantes,  397 bike ways, 210 k walking ways along the water,57m2 green space/person in Nantesm….

Huge efforts were made, Nantes deserved to become european green capital.

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