After a meeting with the president of European Commission Barroso ,Roberto MARONI president of the Lombardy Region presents the Milano EXPO 2015 in a press conference in Brussels.

DSC00645“During the EXPO 2015, Milano has to become the European capital” said Mr. Roberto Maroni.

The president of Lombardy region presented the launch of the promotional campaign of Italian expo titled “Feeding the planet energy for life” which will take place next 7 july in Monza (Italy). This campaign will be itinerant around the principal capitals who will participate to the expo 2015.

Roberto Maroni asked to the european commission to participate also for drafting  the “Declaration of Milan” with the participation of membership countries.

There is a difference of just the one to two between the amount of exported food from Italy that is legally counted and the toal consumption of the similar products (30-60 millions euros/year). This problem regards not only Italy but also Spain, France and all European countries” explained Roberto Maroni. Food Counterfeiting is a health risk and causes economic damages for countries like Italy who have the leadership for food and agro food sector. For this reason food counterfeiting fight will be an important theme presents at Expo 2015.


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