Brusselsdiplomatic met the Malaysian ambassador in Brussels Dato’ Zainuddin Yahya during the Malaysian Food fair held last 25th May in  the Malaysian embassy in Brussels.

Endowed with a diversity of cultures, Malaysia offers a truly Asian experience. In Malaysia, it is possible to discover a delightful fusion of three of Asias’s oldest civilizations, Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Tourists could experience the country’s alluring wonders, colorful festivals, breathtaking skyscrapers in the capital Kuala Lumpur, charming heritage buildings, enchanting islands and beaches as well as a million year old rainforest, with fascinating flora and fauna.

With an increasing tourism arrival estimated on 25 million in 2012 from overseas, thanks also to an extremely favorable currency rates with euros, uncontaminated landscapes and exotic flavors from typical gastronomy Malaysia is a country to discover.

Therefor, we had an exclusive interview with H.E. the Ambassador of malaysia to the Kingdom of Belgium who explains us the touristical strengths of his country

Malaysia, truly Asia


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