During the Iris Celebration today, the day of the brussels region, Charles Picqué made his last speech as first minister of the brussels region. He was at the beginning of the region in 1989.

Due to the permanent rows between french-speaking and dutch-speaking parties, which led to federalisation of Belgium, both regions: Wallonia and Flanders were created but the brussels region was pu on the fridge, as belgian politicans said till a breakthrough arrived in 1988. The region had its first election in 1989 and Charles Picqué (PS) was elected  first minister for the first time in 1989. He was first minister till now except between 1999 and 2004.

Photo by Henry B

Photo by Henry Borzi

Charles Picqué and his government had to create a government from scratch. Administration, urbanisation and real estate laws had to be created from zero for the brussels region.

The challenges since 1989 were and are still huge for Charles Picqué: growth of the population in Brussels, huge immigration, multiculturalism, housing problems, school needs, and so on.

Listen our interview during the traditional Iris fest held in Bruxelles last May the 4th.


Charles Picqué will be replaced by another socialist Rudy Vervoort. He will go back fulltime to Saint-Gilles where he is mayor.


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