Togo Minister of territorial administration Gilbert BAWARA was in Brussels some days ago. We met him and discussed the political situation in Togo.

Togo is a country twice so big as belgian with fewer inhabitants situated near Ivory Coast, on the ocean. Its climate is an maritime one.

Minister Gilbert BAWARA, Togo

Minister Gilbert BAWARA, Togo

Who is Gilbert BAWARA ?

Minister Gilbert BAWARA (45) has already a long experience in serving his State: TOGO. After he graduated in law and international law  in paris and Geneva, he held different positions as academic, the went to work for UN in Switzerland and also for the UN in cases of sate conflits resolution (Congo, Burundi).

He has already made a brilliant carreer as junior minister: plan, cooperation and deputy minister for foreign faffairs. He now holds the portfolio of territorial administration.

The discussion.

A peaceful political situation in Togo was the core of the disucssion BRUSSELS DIPLOMATIC held with the minister.

Majority and oppositiion are already for a long time rowing to obtain democratic institutions with the best standards of fairness, freedom and transparency. Peace, dialog and concertation with the opposition are now advocated by Minister Bawara although the relations with the opposition regarding electoral rules have sometimes been tense.

Minister BAWARA criticised the position of the most radical opposition which wants to boycott next general elections. According to Minister BAWARA, the electoral consultation has to happen with fairness. Measures have already been taken for transparency of the vote: institution of a national electoral commission and local electoral commissions, biometric electoral registration cards and list of voters. There is a togolese way to freedom and democracy and situations like in the “arab spring” are to avoid at all costs. A consensus should find the normal evolution of the country.

Unemployment in Togo is also a huge problem to tackle. According to the minister, no revolution will solve the problem but a progressive change in little touches. Congo is already self-supportive, he said and yet open to the future. Togo has now to create richness which will stay in the country


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