In the Middle East region, Saudi Arabia ranks 1st for the penetration of social media and 2nd for the number of users.


Three milion Saudis are regular Twitter users. The audience grew by 3.000% from 2011 to 2012, making this country the world’s fastest-growing Twitter zone. During this period of time, the global average progression was +300%. Moreover, Riyadh ranks 10 among the Global Top 20 cities by number of posted tweets. 80% of users are active and they send some 50 million tweets per month.

In addition, 6 million Saudis (about 25%) have a Facebook account. Saudi Arabia ranks 33rd globally and 1st in the Middle East. 80% of internet users have a Facebook page and statistics reveal that the number of users grew by more than 386.400 in the last 6 month. Previously young, educated, male and urban, the profiles of users tend to diversify. 70% of them are between 18 and 34 years old and 30% of users are females. 60% of Saudi girls aged 18 to 25 have a Facebook page. 90% of them send posts and comments with daily interactions. Their average number of “friends” is 160.

But YouTube is certainly the most performing social media in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom has the biggest share of users and ranks first globally with some 17 million viewers. The number of daily YouTube hits has increased from 90 million to 190 million in 2012.

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