23-01-2013.The belgian minister of foreign affairs Didier Reynders gave a conference at the COR in Brussels today shaping the long history of Belgium into the EU and exploring tracks for the future.


As Didier Reynders states,  we too much forget that the EU has brought us 60 years of peace, stability and welfare for the whole continent. After the bloodbath of the 2nd world war, peace and cooperation between the european nations were seldom considered as reachable but the europeans did it!

On the other hand, the creation of the EURO, first step towards a monetary, budgetary and fiscal union avoided the speculation on the different national currencies and Euro is today sometimes too strong regarding to european export.

He thinks the EU-members have to go in a short future to more monetary and budgetary union with financial means set in common and even a real european budget. Why not one day a european minister of finances.

On the institutional point of view, he thinks we could evoluate towards a two assemblies system with always the european parliament as today but also tghe Council which could become the higher house of the european union as it happens in some federal states like Germany with the Bundesrat. According to the belgian minister, the EP has also to become more political with groups seating either in the majority either in the opposition. To strengthen the political role of the groups they should each appoint their candidate as chairman of the european commission to create a real political debate during the campaign.

The cooperation should also be extended on the military, diplomatic and international issues. More european cooperation is to come between the countries for their representation outside the EU, as Belgium already started it to the Netherlands. More cooperation is also needed on the military point of view (as Belgium and the Netherlands have already a common Marine unit). Why not a european representation also at the security council of the UN.

Whatsoever, after this conference we can emphasize the long term vision of the belgian minister of foreign affairs and his willingness to strengthen the european construction


photo: Henry BORZI

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