Jan 17.2013.,The BRAFA started tonight with an exceptional afternoon with connoisseurs and an evening for brussels socialites with lots of Champagne Taittinger.


BRAFA will be officially open for the public from jan 19th 2013 till jan 27th. General opening hours will be 11-19.

BRAFA has always been a great succes. In 2012, more than 46.000 people turned up. More than 50.000 people can be expected this year to see the beautiful art works of 128 exhibitors, mostly belgian and european, but from all over the world.


You’ll see galleries from Paris, Berlin, London, New-York, Brussels, Wien and other cities. The exhibited art works are very diverse and from different times. You’ll see egyptian art, medieval art, religious art, all possible art shcools like cubists, impressionists, pointillists, and so on.

You’ll be able to admire art works from Duffy, Ensor, Delvaux, Brueghel the old, Miro, Picasso and the biggest artist of the world.

It’s one of the only places in the world with so many beautiful creations to see at the same time. Really great.


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