In tennis as in life, it is only a mental question

Those who play tennis know well how much the mental component is a determining factor in being able to win in this sport. If your mind is rowing against you while you play, your arm will be blocked, as will all your tennis and you will certainly not go far in a tournament! However, if you learn to use your mind as a powerful resource, you will be able to see how it will lead you to a higher level of play, raising your performance and bringing out that tennis potential that was previously totally trapped in your anxieties and fears.


Travelling all over to follow players and tournaments, I’ve been noticing that people didn’t really get the real meaning and the real beauty of tennis…” explain Filippo Gioiello CEO of Mental Tennis.


“It’s rare to see around happy faces, everyone seems to be suspecious, too serious and sometimes even sad in the ITF, Futures and Challanger circuits that I’ve been visiting for over 10 years…That is so wierd… I realized that pressure, money and expectations are destroying player’s mind…

That is why Mental-tennis is developing a brand new training course based on how to step on court with an happy attitude.”
























This is an innovative training method, it was created with the specific aim of training tennis players to excel during the competition starting from the correct use of their mental abilities. It has nothing to do with the psychology or mental coaching on the market today!

Mental tennis will teach you how to get back at the main reasons that leaded you to start playing this sport, that “holy fire” of enthusiasm that you had when you were a little kid and that now you seem having lost along the way, and playing tennis it is not just fun but looks like a very boring thing to do.

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