EP President : Let’s fight this emergency with solidarity and democracy  

Statement by Parliament President David Sassoli following meeting of political group leaders

“Our message is clear: democracy continues to function. All parliamentary bodies are continuing to work to tackle the COVID-19 emergency. We have ensured that MEPs are still able to meet remotely, participate in debates, propose amendments, and vote.

“Today we decided to hold an extraordinary plenary session of the European Parliament on 16 and 17 April, to vote on the new measures from the Commission to tackle COVID-19. MEPs will discuss and debate, and we will update our position on how to deal with the catastrophe. Democracy will continue.

“Speaking of democracy, I have been given the mandate today to send a letter to the European Commission asking how they intend to respond to the law approved by the Hungarian Parliament and to assess whether this constitutes a serious violation of Article 2 of the EU Treaty – which outlines our values, based on democracy and freedom.

“Europe is reacting and showing the strength of our joint action. Much more will be done, especially if we all work together in the fight to defeat this virus.

“As Parliament we wanted to do our part and set a small example, so we have provided the Brussels authorities with part of our building to be used for patient care, as well as a fleet of 100 vehicles. We are ready to do the same with our Luxembourg and Strasbourg offices, if they need it.

“We are Europe, our strength is our solidarity.”

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