Russia denies cyber attacks on Georgia

Photo taken on June 3, 2019 shows the Kremlin Palace (L) and the Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, capital of Russia. (Xinhua/Bai Xueqi)

Moscow called the accusations groundless and accused Washington, London and Tbilisi of “synchronized” anti-Russian propaganda.

(Xinhua) The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday denied accusations that the country launched large-scale cyber attacks against Georgia in October 2019.

“There is no evidence of the involvement of Russian official structures in malicious activities against the electronic networks of Georgia, and there cannot be such evidence,” the ministry said in a statement.

On Thursday, the Georgian Foreign Ministry accused Russian military intelligence of launching massive cyber attacks against the websites of Georgia’s president, courts, municipal assemblies, state bodies, organizations and media on Oct. 28.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and the Canadian Foreign Ministry immediately condemned the alleged attacks.

Washington, London, Tbilisi and others simultaneously made the accusations over an incident allegedly happening nearly four months ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, accusing them of “synchronized” anti-Russian propaganda.

The ministry said it is regrettable that Georgia does not want to abandon its attempts to demonize Russia, which additionally overshadows the already complicated bilateral relations.

Moscow is still convinced that it is in the fundamental interests of the Russian and Georgian people to overcome existing differences and continue the normalization process, although some forces do not wish to do so, the ministry said.

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