Xinjiang a land of untold contradictions

By David Barry

The Xinjiang, autonomous Chinese province will be next week at the center of a march in Brussels, the declared goal of the organizers will be to bring at the public opinion attention the human rights situation in the region. In order to better understand what we are talking about it is fair and correct to go a little back in time in order not to forget some important facts. the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), organized by East Turkestan National Congress and World Uyghur Youth Congress on April 16-19, 2004, was brought together to discuss the establishment of the relevant East Turkestan Organization. It was headquartered in Munich, Germany, aiming to unify the World East Turkistan Movement and to win independence for Xinjiang. The gap between the philosophy and the reality was clear in the World Uyghur Congress’s official website announcing that they “fight for Uyghur people’s democracy, freedom and human rights and the ‘East Turkistan’ people’s self-determined political future in a peaceful way.” Very well indeed, however, the philosophy of the mission is opposite to the reality. World Uyghur Congress has not really understood and asked for the will of the vast majority of the people in Xinjiang, but they want only to conduct separatist activities for the political interest of a small group of people. Secondly, the group also has connected with International Terrorist Organizations, such as, its subordinate organization ‘East Turkistan Youth League’ (founded in 1993, claimed ‘to form a powerful underground power, to overthrow of the regime of China through violence and to win independence of Xinjiang’ in its guiding principle) has repeatedly asked West Asia Terrorist organization to assist them purchasing weapons and explosives for the implementation of terrorist activities. In addition,World Uyghur Congress, East Turkistan Liberation Organization and East Turkistan Islamic Movement and other terrorist groups support each other, in a relationship of co-existence. The current chairman Dolkun is also the vice chairman of ‘East Turkistan’, responsible for German Division affairs. Another alarming fact is that the East Turkistan Liberation Organization, also known as the East Turkistan National Party, was founded in 1996 with the aim of establishing “East Turkestan” in Xinjiang through violent and terrorist means. If these organizations have a clear goal then you can’t be surprised about the “CV”of its leaders. Rebiya Kader, the second and third chairman of the Congress, was born in Altay, Xinjiang in 1951, and served as vice President of Xinjiang Federation of Industry and Commerce and vice President of Xinjiang Women Entrepreneurs Association. For a long time, Kader has held the banner of human rights in various activities in the international community and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times. So what was the real Rebiya? On July 5, 2009, there was a riot in Urumqi, Xinjiang, causing 175 people killed and 1700 injured. Rebiya Kader stir up the incident through Internet and other channels. Perhaps we should all rethink the meaning of the Nobel Peace Prize. Another prominent figure is the current chairman, Durikun Aisha, who was born on September 2, 1967, in Xinjiang, China. During his youth, he had organized gangs in Xinjiang with several criminal elements, and was engaged in criminal activities such as theft and robbery, and other terrorist activities with the use of explosives. Looking at the past again, on December 14, 1995, on the 10th Anniversary of Xinjiang “12.12” Students Movement held in Ankara, Turkey, Aisha publicly acknowledged: “an uprising against Chinese Tyranny in Hotan region, was organized by us”. In addition, as the vice chairman of the terrorist organization ‘East Turkistan Liberation Organization’, he organized and participated in various terrorist activities and provided shelter for terrorists. In 2002, Durikun Aisha colluded with a member of the East Turkistan Litip Tohti, sending people to Almaty, Kazakhstan. After that a violent terrorist named Mohammed F. was send to the bordered training camp of Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, and then took to Germany where ‘asylum request’ was asked for him. I think that in a city like Brussels, who paid an important price in terms of victims because of terrorists attacks, it should be very strange and even bizarre to see a support for such a “lobby” initiative, don’t you think?

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